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Guaranteed graduation monthly salary of at least 31K, subsidized by the school if it is not reached



Students who learn through "Sunshine, Innovation, and π China" can obtain guaranteed employment with a monthly salary of at least 31,000 yuan. If the monthly salary does not reach 31,000 yuan, the difference will be covered by the school's special funds.

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High salary

According to the 104i job bank data, 60% of the department members' monthly salary is higher than 40,000 yuan, which is far better than the average salary of private school business management departments. It is a high-quality department with high added value.

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Cultivate students' good attitude

The department is committed to cultivating students with positive enthusiasm, a responsible and willing to learn attitude, emphasizing independent thinking, team spirit and social care, and promoting students to understand corporate workplace ethics. It also attaches great importance to the cultivation of professional ability, aiming at talents with sufficient professional knowledge, appropriate humanistic quality, good management ability, and broad international vision. Feedback information from employers of graduates over the years shows that their work attitudes are all well received.



Build e-learning and case-based teaching facilities

The department has complete e-teaching and Harvard-style case teaching environment facilities, including: enterprise e-simulation laboratory, virtual transportation system laboratory, intelligent transportation and logistics integration laboratory, interactive multimedia teaching classroom, case teaching lecture hall and seminar rooms. Software includes MSOffice, statistics and decision analysis, project management, information skills test question bank, multimedia and mobile phone/tablet APP design, etc., to train students to have management skills and strengthen the application of course theory and practice, so as to improve students' learning effectiveness.




Implement innovative and creative teaching

On the basis of passing the AACSB accreditation of the International Business Administration, the course planning mainly meets the needs of students' development, and attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' innovative and creative abilities in order to enhance their competitiveness in the workplace. Professional courses focus on "learning by doing" to strengthen students' ability in project writing and multimedia presentation skills, and offer courses related to creative development, and conduct product or service innovation design proposals in groups. Students are encouraged to participate in various innovative and creative planning competitions. The teachers of the department lead students to participate in domestic and foreign competitions and have won many awards.



Implement interdisciplinary learning and guide students to obtain certificates

In addition to the four major fields of business management: marketing management, human resource management, finance and economics, and electronic enterprises, students in this department also arrange overseas teaching and visiting courses, and students must take at least 9 credits across departments and colleges , to build the knowledge and capabilities that meet the manpower needs of the workplace. In addition, we will guide students through relevant certificates and certificates to pass the certification, including TBSA business planning ability-primary, e-commerce planner, TIMS marketing professional ability certification, cross-strait economic and trade business talent certification, project management introduction-professional level, ERP planner, SOLE- CPL first-level professional certificate: logistics assistant, stacker operator single-level technician, ECBP e-commerce planner C-level, high-quality enterprise (AEO) supply chain security specialist certification and FIATA practice class certificate, various languages and computers Information ability certification, etc., on average, each student obtains at least 2 certificates before graduation, and can have the basis of immediate combat power in the workplace.


Construct industry-university cooperation, internship and special research mechanism to deepen students' employability in the workplace

The Department invites well-known domestic and foreign scholars and experts to offer lecture courses, and through rich industry-university cooperation programs and multi-participatory learning, it enhances students' broad and professional management vision. In addition, special research and enterprise practice courses are implemented. From the second semester of junior year, students will conduct one-year special research as a team under the guidance of various instructors to cultivate the ability of teamwork, analysis and problem solving; Internships in selected companies for a semester or a full academic year provide students with a wealth of career experience options, and they can smoothly connect to the workplace after being retained by the company.


Diversified employment fields and high added value

Graduates from this department can engage in marketing planning and business, online marketing, human resources administration, financial planning and financial insurance, quality control/production management and material warehousing management, project management, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Railway, MRT Corporation, road passenger transportation Companies, aviation (transportation) companies, transportation professional consulting companies, logistics industry and information technology companies and other related jobs can also take public office or graduate school entrance examinations. There are various career paths for graduation and high demand for manpower in the workplace. According to the 104i job bank data, 60% of the department members' monthly salary is higher than 40,000 yuan, which is far better than the average salary of private school business management departments. It is a high-quality department with high added value.